"I have relied heavily on the professionals at Willow Tree Professional Development since becoming president of Guilford College in 2014. It was critical for me to quickly develop a new senior team that could work together well, take advantage of each others’ strengths, and stretch themselves considerably. In their early days as senior leaders, each team member was serving a campus community that was new to them, with a new president who was taking the college a new direction. Kristin and Jane of Willow Tree helped my team learn about their strengths and blind spots, and how to make decisions together that would take all perspectives into account. I appreciate their deep knowledge of leadership development, team dynamics, and various models of problem-solving and decision-making." - Jane Fernandes, President, Guilford College

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"Willow Tree has provided Coaching and Leadership training to my team of Deans and Associate Vice Presidents who in total supervise around 200 personnel. The training provided by Willow Tree proved to be very viable to our success as a team. Willow Tree’s commitment to professionalism was highly respected by everyone involved in the process. Willow Tree’s in-depth knowledge about personalities and behavior made the entire process palatable to our group and enabled us to move forward towards our goals with confidence." - Anthony Caison, Vice President, Workforce Continuing Education at Wake Technical Community College

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To provide practical and engaging on-line and in-person training, coaching, and consulting to people and organizations to develop themselves or their employees and move them from ordinary to extraordinary by transforming their lives and livelihoods.

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Willow Tree Training and Professional Development, LLC is an independent training and consulting firm, with offices located in the Raleigh/Durham and Greensboro/Winston Salem, North Carolina area. We offer both business training with our ORGANIZATIONAL TRANSFORMATIONS series and personal training with our LIFE TRANSFORMATIONS series. Additionally, our TRANSFORM U. library of on-line and in-person courses and coaching services is a comprehensive “university” of all of our courses. Whether you choose on-line or in-person training for your organization or yourself, we offer programs and courses that are designed to TRANSFORM YOU and take you or your team from ordinary to extraordinary.

Willow Tree offers leadership and professional development courses, consulting, and coaching that we can tailor to your organization's needs. 

Our consultants at Willow Tree are certified MBTI practitioners. Understanding your personality type can transform all aspects of your life and livelihood.

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Understanding yourself is the first step to transforming your life. We offer a wide array of courses and coaching services to provide you with all the information and support you’ll need to become your best self!

Transform U. is our library of on-line and in-person courses and coaching services designed to help you move from ordinary to extraordinary in every aspect of your life. Join our classes today to Transform You!


"Willow Tree Training & Professional Development is a small company that packs a whale of a punch in terms of exponential value to an organization. I was originally seeking MBTI-certified trainers to help a new president build her senior leadership team. What I found in Willow Tree was deeply experienced professionals who listened acutely to the president's needs, provided multiple options for meeting those needs, brought leadership perspectives that the team sorely needed, and deftly facilitated multiple team-building and problem-solving discussions in a highly organized and professional way. I have continued to call on them for leadership training and facilitating work, and have learned something new each time. I would recommend them highly for any organization that is seeking to develop their leaders and/or improve their organizational effectiveness." - Christine Riley, Senior Policy Advisor - Higher Education at Fuquay Solutions

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