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Transform your life and livelihood with knowledge of your personality type by the personality experts at Willow Tree.

Transforming Your Life & Livelihood

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Our certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® practitioners can create and deliver full-day, half-day, or custom type workshops to fit your organizations needs and budget. All workshops include administration of the MBTI® assessment to each participant, custom type reports, and individual or group feedback sessions to verify type, all typically done prior to the workshop.

  • Introduction to Type

This basic workshop is a fun and interactive group workshop to introduce the basics of personality type to your team, explore their team type, and explore ways the members can work together more effectively.

  • Type and Conflict

This workshop explores how different types react to conflict differently and provides case studies and scenarios for group activities in which participants can practice using different types of conflict styles. Includes an optional TKI Conflict Mode assessment and report for each participant.

  • Type and Communication

Different personality types communicate in various ways, so this workshop provides an opportunity for team members to experience these different communication styles and practice communicating information to different types in a way that they can hear it.

  • Type and Leadership

Any personality type can be an excellent leader, and through interactive exercises, this workshop will present the different paths to leadership excellence as well as showing some universal leadership strengths that any type can achieve.

Don't see one you want? We can design and deliver type workshops on just about any topic you can think of! 

Personality type forms the basis for much of our organizational and life coaching because understanding your type provides a deeper understanding into your preferences, behaviors, and motivation.

  • Executive and Leadership Coaching

Coaching for executives and other leaders is done on a one-to-one basis and can cover topics as broad as communication, leadership skills, conflict management, compassionate accountability, having difficult conversations with employees, and much more. Includes an optional 360 Assessment and feedback session.

  • Life Coaching

Understanding your personality type can open up a world of possibility into transforming your life, including breaking bad habits, improving relationships, managing your time better, getting healthy, and more. All sessions are individual and based on your specific needs.

  • Career Coaching

All personality types can be successful in any career, but understanding your type can provide insight into which aspects of your career you will tend to thrive in and what areas you may find challenging. We can also help you narrow your career choices by looking at fields that your personality type may find most appealing.

  • Student Coaching

As experienced educators, our coaches at Willow Tree can work with students at any level, helping them understand their learning style, how to study according to their personality type, how to manage their time, and more.