• Coaching

Our consultants are certified in Type Coaching Using Multiple Models by the Association of Psychological Type International.

We offer individual coaching sessions with leaders and team members, focusing on the specific needs of each person. We begin by assessing leadership strengths, challenges, and opportunities through discussions and instruments such as the MBTI® assessment or a 360 evaluation. 

Based on the outcomes of the discussions and assessments, we work with the client to develop specific goals and provide individual coaching and training sessions to facilitate the achievement of these goals.

We can also be available on call for trouble shooting and offering crisis management support for leaders and staff. 

  • Consulting

We offer consulting services for individuals and teams to improve performance and help teams function better. Our consulting typically consists of four major steps:

First, we meet separately with the leader, the team, and individual team members in order to diagnose the issues, determine the training needs, and develop the short-term and long-term goals that the training should meet.

Second, based on the diagnostic meetings, we meet with the leader to recommend specific training interventions and/or assessments to strengthen the team, improve communication, and increase cohesiveness among team members.

Third, we develop and implement the agreed-upon training and assessment program.

Finally, we evaluate the effectiveness of the training, both immediately after the training and at later intervals through individual and team assessments, focus groups, and/or 360 evaluations. These evaluations ensure that the training program met the stated goals and allow us to make recommendations for continuing professional development.

Organizational Transformations Series

  • Type Transformations

Transform your organization with personality type training.

  • Change Transformations

Learn how to help your organization manage and embrace change.

  • Conflict Transformations

Transform the way your organization deals with conflict.

  • Communication Transformations

Improve communication within your organization, top-down, bottom-up, and in-between!

What other transformation does your organization need? Contact us to schedule a free consultation, and we can help you design your own unique transformation!

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Coaching and Consulting


Transformations Series

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Transform U

  • Put Yourself First

Learn the importance of putting yourself first in order to help everyone else in your life. This course focuses on sleep, exercise, rest, and nutrition.

  • Time Management

​We offer time management courses for students, working parents, and others who want to learn to manage their time more wisely.

  • Stress Management

Learn how to better manage life's stressors, based on your natural personality type.

  • Mindfulness

Being mindful is more than just meditation - it's a way to take control of your life, time, and health, and it is a basis for all of the other health transformations you make.

Transforming Your Life & Livelihood