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  • Put Yourself First

Learn the importance of putting yourself first in order to help everyone else in your life. This course focuses on sleep, exercise, rest, and nutrition.

  • Time Management

We offer time management courses for students, working parents, and others who want to learn to manage their time more wisely.

  • Stress Management

Learn how to better manage life's stressors, based on your natural personality type.

  • Mindfulness

Being mindful is more than just meditation - it's a way to take control of your life, time, and health, and it is a basis for all of the other health transformations you make.


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Transforming Your Life & Livelihood

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transform your Wellbeing

Willow Tree offers a full range of life coaching and training to help you transform your health, relationships, learning, and career.

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  • Test-Taking Skills

​Learn test-taking skills that fit your personality and specific learning style so that you can demonstrate what you know on every test.

  • Study Skills

​This course teaches you how to study in ways that fit your individual learning style and personality so that you can learn more easily and efficiently than ever before.

  • Managing Anxiety

Whether you have generalized anxiety or test anxiety, our consultants can give you specific tools to help you manage your anxiety and prevent it from interfering in your life.

  • Time Management for Students

​Having trouble getting everything done or just stressed about all you have to do? Let our consultants help you learn time management strategies based on your personality to help you get it all done!

  • Preparing for College

​Are you ready to make the big transition to college? Whether you’re going to college straight from high school or returning to school after a break, our consultants can arm you with all the knowledge and strategies you’ll need to be a success.


  • What Career Should I Choose?

​Are you struggling with what major or career to choose? Let our consultants help you identify careers that would be a good fit for you based on your personality type.

  • Changing Careers

​Are you ready for something new? Feel stagnant or unfulfilled in your current job? We can use personality type to help you discover a career that will be more fulfilling and a better fit for you.

  • Resumes and Cover Letters

​Need help updating your resume or writing winning cover letters? Let our consultants help you with everything from formatting to grammar to transform your application materials to get you the job of your dreams.

  • Interviewing

Do you struggle with what to say in interviews? Are you afraid you don’t make a good first impression? Let our consultants walk you through mock interviews and then help you correct your missteps so you’ll be offered a new job before you know it.

  • Public Speaking

​Are you terrified of speaking in public? Do you get tongue-tied during presentations? Let our consultants teach you the secrets of public speaking so you can give speeches and presentations with ease.

  • Understanding Yourself & Others

​This is our introductory Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) course in which you’ll learn the basics of MBTI, what your type is, and what that means for understanding more about yourself and other people.

  • Communication Skills

We offer several courses in interpersonal communication, written communication, and public speaking. However you need to communicate, our courses can help! 

  • Conflict Management

Learn what your typical conflict style is, how to use it more effectively, and how to develop and use other conflict styles for the future.

  • Having Difficult Conversations

​Learn how to share difficult information or have those hard conversations that we’d all like to avoid.

  • Dealing with Difficult People

We’ll teach you how to interact with difficult people in your professional and personal life in productive ways to lower your frustration and stress.

  • Compassionate Accountability

One of the secrets to strong relationships is understanding how to balance compassion and accountability. Learn which you naturally prefer and how to find balance by using both of these important skills.