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Kristin is a certified Myers-Briggs® practitioner and an educator conducting professional development training focused on leadership, conflict management, change management, diversity, learning styles, communication, education, information literacy, and personality type. Before becoming a manager at Willow Tree Training & Professional Development, Kristin was a librarian, educator, and trainer at Middle Tennessee State University, Florida State College at Jacksonville, and Wake Technical Community College.

As a leader in several roles, Kristin has managed a diversity of people and projects, gaining a broad understanding of strategic planning, supervision, developing people, and creating a long-term vision for an organization.

Kristin has been a regular presenter at conferences, both regionally and nationally, focusing on education and leadership topics. 

Awards include the Excellence Award from The National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) in 2013, the John & Suanne Roueche Excellence Award from The League for Innovation in the Community College in 2012, and Instructor of the Year at Wake Technical Community College in 2012.

In addition being an MBTI practitioner for almost 15 years, Kristin is also certified in the Leader Agility 360® assessment, FIRO-B®, and Type Coaching Using Multiple Models by the Association of Psychological Type International.

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Our Name

We selected the name Willow Tree for our company because the willow tree represents flexibility, strength, adaptability, and survival.  

Willow trees are extremely flexible trees that bend with strong winds rather than breaking as most other trees do.  On the surface, willows do not appear as strong as other, sturdier trees appear, but the willow's flexibility gives it a hidden strength and allows it to survive winds and storms that destroy many other trees. Willows can also grow and survive - even thrive - in the harshest conditions.  

They have been known to grow in sand and rock, and a cutting from a willow can even survive being planted upside down.  Willows adapt to the conditions in which they are planted and then grow quickly into tall, beautiful trees.  

Our goal for our clients is that our trainings will teach them to emulate the willow by:

  • Developing flexibility so they 
     bend rather than break
  • Finding their hidden strengths 
  • Learning to adapt to their surroundings
  • Thriving in even the harshest conditions  

Kristin Kubly

Transforming Your Life & Livelihood

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Jane L. Jackson

Jane has over eighteen years experience as a corporate trainer and educator. She specializes in designing and delivering tailored workshops, individual coaching for executives and leaders, and training evaluation. Her approach includes the use of assessments, including 360 Evaluations, the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator© assessment to discover and address the specific training and development needs of leaders and their teams.

Prior to starting Willow Tree Training & Professional Development, Jane was a trainer and educator at Duke University Medical Center, WakeMed Health and Hospitals, the University of Nevada – Las Vegas, Durham Technical Community College, and Wake Technical Community College. Her focus was on leadership training and development, executive coaching, culture and change management, and adult learning. These experiences contributed to her deep knowledge of each step on the training and development continuum from needs analysis and tailored training design to training delivery, individualized coaching, and evaluation.

As a leader herself in several organizations, Jane managed both local and regional staff, led a national training team, developed strategic plans, and managed budgets. She understands the unique needs and challenges that leaders face in today’s workplace, and she has used this knowledge to coach leaders from supervisors and managers to vice presidents and presidents to improve their leadership skills and support them in developing high-performing teams.

Jane is certified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Assessment, FIRO-B ®, Leader Agility 360 ® Assessment, and Type Coaching Using Multiple Models by the Association of Psychological Type International.

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